about me

I am white or black.
I enjoy good sushi and a bottle of Gewurtztraminer (just for me).
I like to re-read books I have already read (several times too).
I can’t stand people talking on the phone while crunching (and my friends do it often).
I could never give up the company of my colleagues (to our wonderful comparisons, but also to the wonderful evenings).
As I could never live without short but intense moments of (healthy) solitude.
I don’t always love myself.
I always follow my instincts in all my choices (as in my photography).
I hate those who is satisfied  and have no courage (for fear of change).
I shake my hands very hard (my dad taught me) and I look people in the eye.
I love.


Conferenza 9 novembre

Less social, less stories, less marketing

!@#$%§*: hashtags do not make our photos better.

Masterclass 10 novembre

Saper accettare la nostra storia

  1. recognize your comfort zone
  2. importance of questions and doubts
  3. professional growth: where, how, when and why
  4. steady points and continuous research
  5. inspirations
  6. photographic style
  7. respect for the customer
  8. wedding day and second photographer
  9. marketing and social management
  10. how a contest album born



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1 day masterclass


  • ticket for a 1 day of masterclass

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