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Andrey Balabasov has been a professional wedding photographer since 2006.

During these years he took pictures of more than 500 brides and grooms and ran more than 250 workshops all across the world. He was born in Kazakhstan and is living in Germany right now.

In 2009 he was awarded the title “Qualified European Photographer” (QEP Wedding) and in 2014 the title “Qualified European Photographer” (QEP Portrait) was added.

In 2015 Andrey Balabasov won the FEP EUROPEAN WEDDING GOLDEN CAMERA at the “FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2015”.

In 2013 he was runner up at the WPPI Awards of Excellence 16×20 Print Competition in category “Bride or Groom Alone Other than Wedding Day” and in 2012 he got the 2nd place in the “WPPI 2012 Awards of Excellence Album Competition” category “commitment” in Las Vegas, as well as the 3rd place at the “Photo-Oscar” in the category “Professional”. These are only the most prestigious awards as he has won many more.


Conferenza 11th novembre

All the secrets of After Wedding Shooting


Masterclass 12th novembre

My vision of wedding photography.

My equipment: camera, lenses, additional light sources, reflectors.
Collaboration with an assistant.
Quick assessment of the position. Mobility and flexibility in equipment.

Shoots in the city in normal lighting conditions (open sun, daylight, shade, depending on the weather).
How do you create your unique photos and where do you find inspiration? How to photograph near the perfect image, without investing much time in editing images.

Working with Camera Raw and Adobe Photoshop:
Preselection of recordings. RAW conversion and color correction.

Image processing and quality retouching up to quality of glossy magazine. Design of wedding books. Principles of the harmonious composition of photos in the wedding book. Wedding photography as a company. Marketing strategies. Attract customers with the help of social networks.

Website of the photographer and promotional events. Construction system of the right portfolio.
Work with clients before, during and after the wedding.




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