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Always fond of photography and cynophily,  in 1997, after graduating in Aeronautical Engineering at the Politecnico in Turin, I dedicated myself to the profession becoming an expert in various fields including that of lighting and aerodynamics.
In 2008 I started to approach a field of photography that had always fascinated me from a young age, the photography to dogs on the move discovering a completely new and unexplored world.
The cliché has always been to think of the shot as a small story able to arouse strong emotions and tell what the subject had done until the moment of the click and to let us imagine what would have gone on to do immediately afterwards in a dynamic three-dimensional vision in able to show all the power and athleticity of these animals.
I live with 4 border collies that give me photographic inspiration every day

This is my world of photography and dogs in action. It is a field in which, after having tried correctly, one does not go back! It’s something that constantly inspires me, it’s always different and this allows me to create different  results every time!

Every dog is incredible but he needs to understand what we will ask him during the shooting: it is not forcing him that we will get any good result. I work with dogs with what I call flexible shooting in order to reach the soul of every dog and make it show through in the photos. This requires a lot of technique and knowledge that I love to teach and transmit during my “Dogs in Action” photo workshops. There is a big world behind the word “action” and I spent a lot of time and much effort to reach this level: it is a journey that will never end where you never stop learning every day.  


Conferenza 6 novembre

Small things become big

In this speech I will talk about how photography to dogs and especially to dogs in action (I call it “DOGS IN ACTION” to give it a name recognizable by anyone) in our work or as pure passion, can improve our lives. 




1 day conference


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