about me

I’m Gabriele Zani: I’m a photographer, I live on photography. 

Ligurian by birth, I would not live without knowing I have the sea on one side, I am constantly dissatisfied and I live with the continuous need for evolution.

I like to tell people, their stories, their happy moments of their lives, making me the instrument that carries their memories.

I photograph people from six days of life to one hundred years of experience, respecting the reality of those who are in front of me: I do not like to overload my photographic stories with useless trappings, fluttering veils or crowns of flowers on their heads.

I believe that photography, in particular the type of photography I am dealing with, must start from the essential that is often forgotten: light first of all, and the connections between the subjects photographed, narrative coherence with their stories.

I like to think that the technique of the medium is at the service of my sensitivity, a support to my interpretation, and that the knowledge acquired in these years help me to compose each image constantly seeking harmony of shapes and colors.


Conference 8th of november

Taking pictures with sensitivity

Customer loyalty by providing ideas in family photography.

Masterclass 9th of  november

The Newborn in my opinion

  • Introduction to newborn photography
  • The fundamental points of my work and my workflow
  • Approach and management of newborns and parents
  • Introduction to the ethics of shooting in newborn photography
  • Importance and relationship between lighting, composition and posing
  • Preparation of a set to size and need for a newborn Session with newborn and possibility of shooting
  • Exercise with SIB (Standybaby) on posing and wrapping
  • Reading participant images



1 day conference


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1 day masterclass


  • ticket for a 1 day of masterclass

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