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Hello! My name is Igor Bulgak! I’m a hereditary wedding photographer! I have been in this field for over 10 years. My interesting story started once my dad took me to a civil registrar and offered me to try to be a wedding photographer there!

This has never been the dream of my childhood, though my father has been working as a wedding photographer at a civil registrar for many years. Hired outside photographers and ceremonies weren’t popular those days. After some time I understood that work at the civil registrar is a good thing, but it has nothing to do with creativity. I wanted to expand the borders of my photo shoots very much. And just in time, my friends were planning to have their wedding. That wedding has eventually become my full-scale wedding photo shoot. Exactly after that wedding, I understood that I want to connect my life with wedding photography!


Conference 6th november

Perfectionism squared

Perfectionism is the foundation of my temper and approach.
To be precise, perfectionism squared!
That is why I am certain that everything in the wedding photograph must be perfect! And the details I’ll try to tell you in the next slides.
Come fly to the world of my creativity:)

Masterclass 7th november

About my way
About my inspiration
About my equipement
About light
About posing
About wow effect
About everything

Shooting with models in the different lighting conditions




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