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To tell a story in the best way you need the right light, a delicate touch and a feeling-filled look. And this is what has characterized Laura Zanoni’s activity for over twenty years.

Driven by the desire to give life to an art able to excite and communicate beauty, Laura has for years, and continues today, to carry out a great personal research, realizing the dream of specializing in the field of portraiture.
Stylistically elegant and refined, Laura makes the simplicity and immediacy of the portrait its artistic peculiarity. Laura deliberately creates simple, clean, elegant and non-trivial images, to leave the starring role to the look and expression of the face.
The photography that Laura loves is that of feelings, emotions that appear from a hint of a smile, the emotion for family portraits, whose value increases as time goes by.
For over ten years, Laura has been awarded the national and European qualification, reserved for a few selected professional photographers.
In addition, the prizes and awards received in Italy, Europe and America are a sign of a commitment, a constancy and a dedication to the continuous overcoming of oneself, of one’s convictions and proof of a deep attachment to one’s art that I am never failed, indeed they continue day after day, shot after shot, with unchanged passion.
Laura lives and works in Brescia, where she has her own studio. He continues to share his love for photography by taking courses for professional students and photographers, exhibiting his works in exhibitions in Italy and abroad and carrying out his own, very personal, search for emotion through images.


Conference november, 6th

The potential of portrait photography.

how to build and enhance a business entirely dedicated to portraiture


Master Class november, 7th

The portrait: mastering technique, letting emotions flow

  • Light through the great masters of the past;
  • Lighting techniques
    additive system with multiple flash lights;
  • Elements that make up an image
  • Posing
  • directing the subject;
  • Shooting
    Photo session;
  • Portrait psychology
    let the emotion flow.



1 day conference


  • ticket for a 1 day of conference

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