about me

Since 2016 I am a passionate animal photographer. But already my whole life my heart beats for animals. The pure and honest love of an animal is incomparable. My path to photography began
after my training as a curative nurse. It was a coincidence. I always liked to take pictures of my own cats. One of my most beautiful hobbies at that time. One day I decided to show the cats to the world. The feedback was fantastic and the people showed more and more interest in my work. The demand for shootings increased and so I specialized especially in dog photography.
Photography for me is art combined with emotions and love. The manifold possibilities to work with a dog open up unique possibilities for me again and again. I love to express different
emotions and moods in pictures. 

My special sense for creativity, imagination and colour harmony have enabled me to give my pictures a special finishing touch. I try to capture the soul of the dog.
I also want to show different moods. I love the individuality of each dog, which makes each picture unique. I have a distinct imagination. This makes it possible for me to see the finished picture in front of my eye while photographing.
Behind the emotional dog photography hides a big world and I put all my love into it to get where I stand now. A path that will never end and I learn something new every day. The dogs always give you very special moments. I love this surprise and make dog photography something very special. I would be very happy to take you into this world with me and to bring you closer to my passion.


Conference november, 6th

Small things become big



Master Class november, 8th

City dogs

8:30 – 12:00 City Shooting

12:00 – 14:00 Lunch

 14:00 – 18:00 My editing workflow/ Editing one of my pictures/ participants edit one of his/her pictures




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1 day masterclass


  • ticket for a 1 day of masterclass

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